Data Science

Learn data science from Python, get all the skills to join a data science team and boost your career. Systematically learn the Data Science skills necessary for business.For those who want to learn Data Science, you can systematically learn Data Science for business, even if you are a beginner. After 2 months of study, you will be able to analyse various data on your own

1st month

IT Course

You will learn the basics of data science, including the basics of Python/SQL/R, data cleansing (processing, combining, extracting, and reading), and LINUX, all of which are frequently used in applied data science.

2nd month

Statistics Course

You will learn mathematical statistics, various analytical methods, and deep learning necessary for business scenarios, with the aim of understanding the basic terms and statistical methods and analyzing them by using Excel, R, and Python.

3rd month

Roleplay Course

You will be able to use and analyze marketing, financial and medical data independently. Instructor will provide feedback on the analytical methods and content to help you develop the ability to complete analyses independently.

4th month

Pre-Job Course

You will run the project alone, from setting the topic, collecting data, setting hypotheses, analyzing and visualizing them, to creating a portfolio. We can help you create a portfolio that is essential to your job hunting

5th month

Internship Program

You will actually spend 1 month as an Intern working on an analytical project in a African company in order to gain hands-on experience. Salary: Subsidized transportation, accommodation and other expenses. (The amount is expected to be equivalent to 160 hours of remuneration.)

6th Month

Employment Support Course

As an agent, we will support you in everything you need to find a job successfully. 1. You will have a 1:1 face-to-face interview preparation with our HR professional. 2. We will support you to make an entry sheet. 3. We will introduce 3 to 5 companies that are suitable for you and provide interview support. ※Support period: 3 months.