• June, 16th 2021
  • Reneiloe Mokotedi
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Youth Day

Youth DAY 2021.


Youth Day is commemorated on the 16th of June in South Africa. On this day, South Africans take time to honor and pay tribute to the youth of 1976 who lost their lives protesting against the Apartheid system that was limiting a black child’s education. Not only is the day a memorial, but it is also a celebration. We celebrate the bravery of the youth who have always dared to fight against injustices they were facing at that time. To celebrate this day, Ikworx IT Academy hosted an event where students and the staff members connected and each had an opportunity to discuss their opinions on the issues faced by the youth of today. The theme for the event was to look youthful and to mark this occasion, the staff members came to campus dressed in school uniform.

The event started with prayer and everyone then proceeded to sing the national anthem. Students and staff members participated in a few activities that were prepared by the management for that day, including competitions and sessions with students where each learner was given an opportunity to express their views about June 16 and the significance of this day. They also participated in writing activities, and each person was given a chance to write a message/ quote as a remembrance for this day. To end the event, the IT academy staff members prepared a dance to some music from the musical Sarafina! It was indeed a fun-filled day, and the celebrations of the day itself certainly lived up to the theme!

Here’s to the Youth of 1976, may we remember them, may we be them, and may we continue to celebrate their brave voices!