• September, 20th 2021
  • Reneiloe Mokotedi
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Pursuing a career in IT now is a great way to ensure you maintain a stable, secure, and well-paying job in the future. With the advancing of technology, several roles in IT such as Artificial Information, cloud computing, and data analytics will continue to grow rapidly over the next upcoming years. The Information Technology landscape is changing faster now more than ever and the demand for tech graduates continues to grow. Here are some of the fastest growing IT jobs you should be looking out for in the future:

1 Web Developer

A Web Developer uses coding languages to build and design websites on both the front and back ends. They are responsible for the site’s appearance, speed, and technical aspects such as user experience and functioning. Other duties may include, creating content that requires technical features, implementing new technology, modifying scripts, and assisting in website maintenance.

2 Cloud Engineer

As companies move their important systems to the cloud, more and more cloud engineers will be in demand. Cloud engineers design, implement and manage cloud-based systems of an organisation. They are also responsible for setting up all of the components needed to store and manage data across many remote servers.

3 Java Developer

A Java developer is responsible for the design, implementation, and management of java-based applications for organisations. Java Developers are also known as the visionaries behind information solutions.

4 Database Administrator

As companies move towards more software offerings that include Artificial intelligence, data administrators will be in demand. Data Administrators are responsible for managing databases and ensuring the data is easily accessible to those who need it.

5 Mobile App Developer

The mobile application market is growing incredibly fast. Mobile Application requires creativity and keen problem solving skills. Mobile App developers are responsible for creating new products or adapting existing ones for use on phones and tablets.

6 IT Manager

A IT managers plan and coordinate everything in the IT department of a company. They are responsible for guiding the technological direction of an organisation by overseeing network security, improving IT systems, and directing online applications.

7 Data Scientist

Working as a Data Scientist requires knowledge of math and statistics. Data Scientists are responsible for undertaking data collection, building models to address business problems, and finding patterns that will help improve a company. If you are interested in a career in technology, consider specializing in one of the skills mentioned above. The demand for these skills will continue to grow and the array of tech business will be required in nearly every position.

Thank you for reading and good luck with your career pursuits!